Book Review: Attachments

AttachmentsI think I saw this book recommended on Hello Giggles (or maybe it was Rainbow Rowell’s other book, Eleanor & Park). Anyhow, here we have a millenium tale of emails, the Y2K bug, office dramas and love in the time of cyberspace. Lincoln, who lives with his overbearing mother, takes up a job as a Internet Security Officer (basically he reads other people’s emails cause, you know, Big Brother is watching you type at work). He gets caught up in the exchanges of two colleagues: Beth and Jennifer.
Beth, the film critic, is dating muso Chris while Jennifer, the copy editor, is married to school teacher Mitch. The two women share their troubles over email chats and soon, Lincoln finds himself falling in love.
But how do you explain who you are, when you’re the snoop in the background?

It wasn’t a great read, perhaps because I was always expecting something… more to happen. But if you approach this novel with not-too-great expectations and a desire to be wooed by unconventional romance, you’ll have a delightful frolic through these pages.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Attachments

  1. This was the first and only Rainbow Rowell book I’ve read and I pretty much loved it. I liked the “realness” of the exchange between Beth and Jen. Also, Lincoln was this guy you don’t really see often in books of this genre – vulnerable, hang-ups, but also clever and normal. He wasn’t described as hot and delicious, but that didn’t matter. I liked that. He’s the sort of person you wish you’d meet if you were stranded and needed help.

    So, in terms of expectation, I actually had none. It was a whole new reading experience for me, and that’s probably why I liked it so much. Since reading it, I’ve added Eleanor & Park to my to-read list. Hopefully I’ll finally get to it!

    Liking all the book reviews! I must get back into reading…

    • Agreed – loved the Beth/Jennifer exchanges. I think I just wanted too much for it, but it was definitely a 3 star piece.

      Public transport is doing wonders for my reading. As is my kindle. ALL THE BOOKS.

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