Book Review: Adorkable, Crash, Easy and Warm Bodies


I think I mentioned it, but I got a Kindle for my birthday. It’s turned my reading machine status into beast mode and now my face is stuck in my Kindle like, totes all the time. I’ve read four books and one short story in the four weeks since I got it. And I’m halfway through Searching for Alaska by John Green.

Love YA? A quick review of AdorkableCrash, Easy and Warm Bodies is after the jump.

Adorkable  by Sara Manning

I hated it at first. I wanted to punch Jeane Smith, the main female character. She reminded me of all those too-indie-for-you kids from varsity. Michael Lee, your go-to hot jock, feels pretty much the same way about her as I do (she hates him, btw). But they go to the same school and their respective love partners are falling for each other. Ensue drama, witty (and barbed) dialogue and, of course, some hooking up action. It grew on me like mould on my bread, and I ended up wanting to spend forever with them.

Crash (Vision 1) by Lisa McMann

The CT Bestie recommended this in her 2012 round up of books (I’d link to her blog, but Posterous went belly up).  Julie lives about her family’s pizza place (where she and her two siblings also work). Then, she starts seeing visions of a horrendous crash and nine body bags in the snow. The scene is everywhere – windows, billboards and TV screens. She realises she’s meant to stop it, but how can she when she doesn’t know where – or when – it’s meant to happen?

Dramatic, but a little slow going in place for me. Will still read book 2!

Easy by Tammara Webber

When Jacqueline is viciously attacked after a party, Lucas comes to her rescue. She’s never seen him before, but then she realises he’s been in her class every day – watching her. Struggling to deal with what almost happened to her, she’s drawn to him. Enigmatic, gorgeous and a little bit bad boy, she just can’t seem to stop…wanting him. Can she – and he – overcome their pasts and make it work?

Sexy, dark, twisty – all the good things in a romance.

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

The world’s been overrun with zombies and only a few humans survived. The story is told from the perspective of R, a slightly more eloquent-than-usual zombie. On a hunt for food he kills a young man – and steals his memories, falling in love with Julie, his girlfriend. And slowly, the world starts to change.

I love apocalypse novels. Now I’m starting to love zombie novels. MAYHEM. LOVE. CHAOS IN WORLD UNDONE. I read it so I can see the movie. I still haven’t seen the movie.

To see what I’m currently reading, stalking my Goodreads profile.

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