Working on a Public Holiday

Work in magazines is glamorous, they said. You’re getting a chance to have creative freedom, they said. Think of all the beauty products, fashion goodies and launches, they said. You’ll get to write (almost) whatever you want, they said. Clearly, they never worked in magazines.

It’s a sunny day in Cape Town and I’m sitting in our 19th floor office, working away with the three other staff members. We’ve got a deadline on Tuesday and there are layouts to polish. So here we are, while our coworkers lie on the beach, sleep in, watch movies…

If you’re working on this glorious public holiday (or you’re simply working in a foreign country), here’s some merriment for this day.

Jenna Marbles – What a Girl’s Make-Up Means

I love JMarbs (coined it!). Her videos are just the best (my fave is this one about caffeine, because that’s what caffeine does to me). She uses the words dick, vagina and fuck a lot. So don’t watch if you have those words filed under Bad Words.

This cat 

Because this is how I feel about dogs.

CC Helen Zille Tumblr

This Twitter-inspired blog is the best (everything is just the best today, ok? Because everything is outside my office). I best HZille (coined it again!) would totes respond like this if she could. And get fired. Our have the ANCYL get all up in her grill.

Facebook photo truths

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