Birthday Weekend

So much for all that guilt blogging I was anticipating. Well, I’ll get there. More than ever my life is a series of mounting deadlines, articles to write, pages to proof, sentences to jiggle, paragraphs to wobble, ideas to stumble on. Excuses, excuses.

This weekend was my birthday. I posted last year on my birthday about how I didn’t have a quarter life crisis (still not), although I was pretty blue around my birthday. This year was different. I was a kid on a sugar high waiting for another slice of cake. It was ALL ABOUT ME.

My overly-generous boyfriend bought me a Kindle. A KINDLE. I am so excited to read all the books. My bestie gave me some ePubs to get me warmed up. I’m currently reading Warm Bodies and after Other Tarryn’s post on Gone Girl, I know what’s next on my reading list. (I know too many people with the same name). Added to this is a gift from my parents, Cloud Atlas. SO MUCH OF BOOKS.

The rest of the weekend was a blur of family, friends, great food, ice cream, presents, laughs and smiles. Also: THE AQUARIUM. Super exciting part? They have an old school photobooth. It will now be tradition to take a picture in there every time I’m at the aquarium.


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