The Week That Was

Let’s not donkey around. Straight to it!

Decided to Guilt-Trip blog. I’m currently wrestling with The Gods of the Interwebs to turn this ole blog into a .com or even a so that I can be magical. Also: if I am paying for this blog, it’ll guilt me into writing more. Why? I can’t be PAYING for this space but not doing anything with it. Current score: Gods of Interwebs: 1 | Jess:  0.

Saw an old friend. And by old friend I mean ex-boyfriend. Not Sebastien or Floyd. The as-yet-unnamed high school boyfriend. Let’s call him Stew. We do this thing where every few years we meet up and chat and discuss life. He also attempted to armour me in my battle against the Gods of the Internets, but I’m a useless fighter. It’s good to see someone I used to have such a strong connection with and still be able to hang out and be chilled.
However, he did teach me about Header images. Look how spruced up this ole blog is now!

Girl time. Saw one of the Triumvirate of Besties (CT Bestie). Pizza. Drinks. Talking. Ranting. Bestness.


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