Girl Crush: Jennifer Lawrence

Or JLaw, as I like to call her when we hang out on Sundays, drinking coffee and discussing the finer points of The Hunger Games trilogy. We’re tight like that.

Everyone and their cat has a girl crush on JLaw at the moment. And why not? She’s gorgeous, funny, awkward and a total dork. I think I first fell in love with her when the mag I work for featured in her an article and she said:

‘[When I was playing Mystique in X-Men,] I remember thinking, If I’m going to be naked in paint in front of the entire world, [then] I am going to look like a woman. I’m going to have curves and have boobs and have a butt. Because girls are going to look at that and, if I look like a scarecrow, they’re going to think, Oh, that’s normal. It’s not normal.’

How is she not the best? After the jump, some of my fave JLaw moments.

At the Golden Globes, collecting her award for Silver Linings Playbook (referencing the awesomeness that is Mean Girls.)

Being silly in an interview.

Even more silliness.

I agree.

Getting interview bombed by Jack Nicholson.

Backstage at the Oscars.

Just YouTube (yes, it’s also a verb) ‘Jennifer Lawrence Interview’ for some great gems.

(Don’t worry, I still love you Demi.)

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