The Week That Was

Ok, enough wallowing in wordlessness and existential angst about how I don’t know what to do with this blog and everything I post has been posted by someone else and nothing I say will ever be interesting and I will die unknown having never met a panda. *breathes*

No more self-inflicted pressure and over-thinking. It’s time for WORDS IN YOUR FACE.

I went fruit mad. I have a terrible sweet tooth. Give me ALL THE CANDY! Give me MOAR CHOCOLATE. But this week I decided, to hell with it – it’s time for fruit. I know this is sensationally boring, but I bought more fruit in one shopping trip than I usually buy in a month. Melon, strawberries, nectarines, raspberries, granadillas, avos – ALL THE FRUIT. However, I don’t have a fruit bowl. So I’m using my wok. Which lives on top of my microwave, so it gets… a little hot.

Finished a book in one day. I took a sick day on Thursday – and read an entire book while snuggling in bed. The Fate in Our Stars by John Green is flipping fantastic. A Young Adult novel, it’s about Hazel, a terminal cancer patient who’s never been anything but terminal. Then she meets Augustus, a too-cute-for-words boy with his own cancer history. Ensue a bittersweet story of love, loss and friendship. It’s a little known fact that I bawl my eyes out in books. This was no exception. I sobbed.

Went on a super romantic Valentine’s Day date. Ok, so it was the week before last but whatevs. It was charming, sweet and delicious. I was great dinner conversation. I spoke about rape, how ineffective marches are as a form of protest against rape and more aspects of misogyny in patriarchal society. The BF was kind enough to let me rant. The table next us was less than impressed with my Lover’s Day conversation. This is why I can’t be taken out in public.

The Oscar Pistorius case has hooked me. From the moment the story started appearing on Twitter all the way through to his bail hearing, this story has just captivated me. It’s totally voyeuristic and weird, but I’m obsessed. I can’t decide what I feel – is he guilty? Is he not? I just don’t think we know enough yet. But it’s been a massive talking point in our office.

[main img:; fate in our stars img: google]


2 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. Dude. I love John Green. All of his books are amazing. I bought TFIOS in New York on holiday, and had finished it before I got home. He is also incredibly smart and clever, and more than a little internet famous. Did you know that? You need to YouTube “The Vlogbrothers” if you didn’t, an become a nerdfighter.

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