Metrorail Tales: An Awkward Ride

I know I’m in the minority when I say I love (ok, like) taking the Cape Town Metorail, but shit, have you seen traffic these days? Besides the occasional snafu  I get home in a ridiculously short amount of time (20 minutes to the Southern Suburbs?!). Anyway. I’m an attracter of Awkward Situations. Need to laugh at someone else’s expense? I’ll do you a solid today.

Meeting the Ex

Sebastien and I didn’t have the best of break ups. It was messy (I always seem to do messy). We hadn’t spoken or really seen each other in three-or-so years. Well, besides that time in passing when I saw him at Kauai with his new GF, did a double take and then a walk by. Twice. Then freaked out and ate chocolate.
ANYWAY, we hadn’t seen each other and I was taking a later train than usual. I sat there, staring at the back of this dude’s head a row in front of me. (You know where this is going). And I thought it looked familiar. The hair. The head. The neck. And at his station, yup, HI. Guess we’re on the same line now.

A few weeks later when I boarded, yup. There he was. Admittedly I was kind of evil.
He greeted me with, ‘Well, this is awkward.’
Inner Jess immediately thought: ‘Challenge accepted.’
And I proceeded to make as much awkward small talk as humanly possible.

Only train ride that could be more awkward? Ending up in carriage with Floyd AND Sebastien. That’d be killer. I’m just waiting for the day.

Three Times the Fun

While yesterday’s train ride was full of burning carriages and delays, Monday’s was so awkward I spent 90% of it being totally fascinated by the scenery rushing by.
Let’s start with Friday. Friday I take a later train home. I’m doing that whole I-so-busy-on-my-phone thing to avoid talking to strangers, but Train Stranger (I’ve forgotten his name) decides nope, I’m a girl to chat to. Rather, chat up. Proceed stilted conversation during which I attempt to swop one of my many rings onto my wedding finger. He works Valentine’s Day into the conversation. Valentine’s day. Then ‘subtly’ asks my dating status.
Guess who boards on Monday? Him. Accompanied by? The Ex-Housemate (who’s none to fond of me) BBF (who assumedly shares the unfondness).

Then, Saturday night I was at a friend’s housewarming. One of the guest’s is all, ‘Hey, you look familiar. Are you Floyd’s sister?’. Double take from me and my BFF.
Us: ‘Metal Floyd? In a band Floyd? Long hair Floyd?’
Him, awkwardly now: ‘Uh, yes?’
Me: ‘No. I’m his ex. Well, his ex, ex.’
Him: ‘….’
He (party guy) was on my train ride to work on Monday and, naturally, on my ride back. Only thing that could have possibly made it more awkward? Sebastien. And Floyd.

Fun times.

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6 thoughts on “Metrorail Tales: An Awkward Ride

    • the amount of BLONDE in my comments (thanks gmail for revealing your identity).
      Hi. Yes. I like OUR small talk. I did also attempt to go initiate my SUPER AWKARD powers. Obvs I failed.

      What I don’t like scary men hitting on me and wanting to know where i live. and work. Meep. Really depends on the person making the small talk. Also, for a moment I thought you were Train Stranger. Then I would have been scared. So scared.

      • Haha! Sorry, thought I was being witty with the Atreyu tag (you know, because Sebastian is the kid in the real world in Neverending Story, and Atreyu is his counterpart is the fantasy world?). Apparently not. Bah!

        Yeah, there was this random dude who used to just start talking to D and Candice when we all used to live in Obs. When he saw me with them on the train and ceased his attentions, which only serves to confirm his creepiness in my book.

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