Pressures of a 20-something: Get The Ring

Is it just me or is everyone getting engaged to everyone else? What happened to hook-up boards and flings? What happened to crushes and that-guy-I’m-kind-of-seeing? When did we exchange it for joint lease agreements and a shared Pinterest wedding board? Why do I see more ‘X is engaged to Y’ notifications that the days of yore, ‘X is in a Relationship with B, X is single, X in a Relationship with B, X is single (repeat)’?

I attended three weddings last year. That’s more that I’ve ever attended in my entire life . They were gorgeous, magical and one had me batting back tears (I was a bridesmaid, ok?!). But suddenly, there’s this silent pressure to be Putting a Ring on It, or I’m falling behind with Schedule Married-and-Babied by 30.

Of course, it’s not an out right pressure. No one’s (really) as of yet, asked me: ‘So when are you and The BF settling down?’ But the runner up question is starting to appear: ‘So, when are you two moving in together?’ Meep. In high school and varsity, a relationship approaching two years would never have been asked this. Now, hitting my mid-twenties (oh lawdy), it suddenly seems to be that we’re all meant to be getting hitched, settling down, tying the knot, whatevs. But, but, but, I AM TWENTY FIVE.

In a way, I have it a little easier than some of my friends. I have a Stable Relationship with The BF, but my single friends are just as freaked out. Surely, if I’m in danger of falling behind, they’re woefully unprepared to be meeting target?

In high school, you were pressured to drink, smoke or take drugs (apparently). Now, it’s all about the white dresses, tiny humans and shared abodes.

I think I could cope with the drinking better.

Disclaimer: Wedded / engaged friends, don’t get me wrong. I love y’all. You’re the shizz. I’m just. Panicking.


5 thoughts on “Pressures of a 20-something: Get The Ring

  1. I understand what you mean Jess! I didn’t expect to be married at 26, but life happened 🙂 But I think everyone does everything at their own pace and everything works out as it should. Think this is a great post that a lot of people will relate to, even if not about marriage… you sum up that 20-something panic (some call it the quarter-life crisis) that I think we can all understand, whether it is marriage, careers, life choices etc… Maybe the beginnings of a blog series on this?

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