Vodacom, BIS and the Great Theft

[rant] So it takes me a little while to catch on to things. I’ve been noticing on my Vodacom account that under the Data Top Up Charges, I’m billed for random amounts (60c there, R1.11 there). And I just thought it was how Vodacom tracked my usage. Well, until it got to the end of December and it was like: HAH YOU HAVE NO DATA OR AIRTIME – YOU WILL BE ALONE FOREVER. But how can that be when I barely call/SMS and you’re meant to have ‘unlimited’ interwebs?Apparently, it’s been a great debate – and a great theft – for months now. For several users.

I checked out Mybroadband.co.za and found several people complaining about the same thing happening to them [here, here and here are just a few]. Dug a little deeper on the Google machine and came across this MyBroadband article.

Apparently, some sneaky Apps (according to Vodacom) use APN (not BIS) and eat your monies (at R2/mb). But I have very few Apps installed. Although WhatsApp is thought to be a culprit, that wouldn’t explain the charges that appear on my account. They look like every time I’m logging on to check my Facebook or Twitter, it’s like BAM, eat airtime. It can’t be an App either (does Wordmole like to check his FB too?)

This means for MONTHS, I must have been bleeding airtime. So I’ve been paying double – or MORE — for a service I already pay for. I was never warned that Apps could do this (ie. not use BIS), or that it could, well, just happen.

I’m now beginning to see the real frustration with this service.

I’m currently trying to battle Vodacom via Twitter. What will I win? Will I win? Who knows.

[/ rant]

3 thoughts on “Vodacom, BIS and the Great Theft

  1. The EXACT same thing was happening to my mom, but with Cell C. Airtime charges in the THOUSANDS, for well over 5 months. Even though she was repeatedly going in to complain and as for an investigation from the first month, they repeatedly charged her each month, and only after the last time we went in did they come up with the suggestion that they limit her data spend so that it can’t over charge while they were investigating. Ridic. Loose the crapberry IMO.

    • Sadly just started another 2 year contract – 2014 is when I ditch it! Vodacom has seen my blog and apppparently they’ll investigate and contact me. Until then, they’ve activated a internet service limiting thingus (which stops the stealth apps or something).

      SO annoyed.

  2. Even with the (known) issues with BIS and the BB franchise in general, R2/mb is a horrific and uncivilised amount of money.

    … which is why, after nearly ten years, I’m dumping Vodacom this month. Not to mention that for the last eight, they’ve consistently done nothing about the abysmal signal strength in my house

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