The Woes of a Big Footed Girl

I’m avoiding my real life issues by searching for shoes. It’s not as delightful as you may think. You see, I may have little hands (and the tiniest nails ever – my baby fingernail is under 1cm long – cuticle to tip), I have big lady feet. They’re not freakishly deformed or look like clown feet jutting off the end of my legs. In fact, an ex-BF’s dad who worked in shoes (and who could apparently judge foot size with one swift glance), estimated me at a 6. This was when I was 17. I was an 8.

I got older. My feet grew. I’m now, pretty much, a size 9. I guess. Because girl shoes don’t go bigger than size 8. Well, at least in South Africa. It’s bringing back the nightmares of shopping for school shoes as a kid. In juniour school, we had to have those Mary Jane buckle up affairs in brown. Brown was hard enough to find. By the time I was in Gr7, finding them in my size was a search for The Holy Grail of Shoes.

Now, I’m looking for pretty pumps for one of The Besties’ weddings. I’ve Tweeted (and gotten horrified replies that girl feet can reach size 9) and posted on Facebook. So far, my only option seems to be Woolies. I’ve tried my local store and the one near where I work, the pickings are slim in size 9. Has there been a sudden rush of large-feeted ladies? There seem to be a lot of sizes 6s over. Where are these people? Why are all the tiny (sorry Tarryn) sizes gone and the larger ones non-existant? What, oh, what am I to do with my big lady feet? Is there foot shortening surgery? Corsets for toes?


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