(HAH, if only that was my hair!)

I’ve taken a lot out on my hair. Bad breakups. Career-indecisions. Where-am-I-going. OMG-I-am-so-happy. The last drastic changes I made were in 2008 when I decided to a) dye it black having JUST grown the black out and b) chop it all off. I continued with the short black hair vibe for quite a while – which also meant straightening it as my hair is of the curly kind. I went through all sorts of short hair – bob, pixie, curly mess.

But, since the beginning of last year, I’ve been… reclaiming(?) my hair. I’m growing it and instead of doing the whole regrowth-skunk look again, I’ve been heading to my hairdresser (Moments in Time are the BOMB) to slowly progress back to natural. After the jump, photo progressions! (and all post-hairdresser photos are of course, straight and sleek thanks to hairdresser magic!)

Starting point! March/April of this year

Appointment 1: June….

Second Visit: August…

Third: OMG BATMAN! We have NATURAL. (well, almost!)

If you want to know about the process I went through to get the black out, just comment and I’ll share.
The biggest secret? Awesome hairdressers (seen three different people at my current hairdresser) who you can trust and who KNOW their shit.

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