The God’s of Real Estate

Sometime, somewhere, I have wronged the God’s of Real Estate, particular the God of Flats. Perhaps I didn’t make a sufficient offering when I first rented a flat (first borns? unicorns? pandas? what do they require?). Last year, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, the flat I was staying in with the Ex Housemate, was sold. Now, my current abode is being sold (despite my two-year lease).

My current flat has had it’s share of problems (baby roach co-residents and bad plumbing) but I hate moving, so I signed a two-year lease. Although in South African law a lease takes precedence over a sale (so a new owner would have to honour the terms of my current lease), it’s not really a good thing. I still have to deal with having strangers traipse in and out, stare into my cupboards, judge my choice of coffee and pasta… And on top of that it also means that my current two-months notice clause would stand. So a new owner could buy it in say, March, and then at that time, give me two months to find a new place.

My grand, oh-so-great, #firstworldproblems dilema now is: risk a new owner or just move out and find somewhere else?


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