The Week That Was

So I used to do these. Then I got distracted. And stopped blogging. And started talking to myself more. And yeah, ok, not an interesting story! Let’s try it again.

1. Been playing Fallout: New Vegas, it’s an oldie but a goodie. I was totes obsessed for like three (ok maybe two) weeks and now I’ve lost interest. Sorta. Will endeavour to play on and complete. For reals.

2. Had some leave which is unusual for me. It’s kinda forced though – if I don’t take it, I lose it. Coming up this week: round two (yay).

3. Bought the most ridiculously pink pumps, 
kinda like the ones above. They make me filled with joy. It’s like wearing happiness on my feet, skipping with smiles through everyday. Kinda.

4. Saw Kashakins for Wednesday Coffee. A routine we’re trying to keep up before she leaves for London Town. Bad News: She’s moving there. Good News: I have yet another couch upon which to crash when I find myself there one day soon.

5. Finished a depressing book, Then by Julie Myerson. And not depressing in a good way. Depressing in a ‘Why did I actually finish this damn book?’ way. It’s set in post-Apocalyptic London (I may be mildly obsessed with Apocalyptic/post-Apocalyptic themes/genres). A woman wanders the streets of London, remembering nothing of herself and encounters the presence of others – some are real and some are not. The ending made me a sad, sad panda. Did not like.

6. Felt exhausted even after my leave, last week was spent in a haze of fatigue, confusion and general inability to function. Yeugh.

7. Met a catPets aren’t “allowed” in my complex. There are three kitties who live on the grounds (I’m on first name basis with one of them,  the poorly-named Biff). But then! I saw a foreigner, a kitty unknown, being called into a ground-floor flat. Now my cat-owning plans are slowly fermenting. A cat I shall have! (Crazy Cat Lady: The Early Days)

2 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. New Vegas is great, need to make some time to play through it again. Sometime. Hopefully in the next two years (being a responsible adult and putting work first is not good for gaming).

    By the way, from next week you can make pandas in WoW. Just so you know. =P

    • NOOOOOO. don’t tell me these things. I saw it on pre-order in BT Games and grinned madly. Jovan looked afraid and somewhat saddened. It’s a good thing I don’t have an interwebs connection. Otherwise you guys would one day stumble across a crazed player running around shouting: “I’M A PAAAAANNNNDDDDAAAAA”.

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