Identity Crisis

Poor blog. It doesn’t know who it is. It started out as a Life-of-a-Magazine-Girl. Now it’s been whacked in the face with feminism blogs. Then it’s thrown into a pit of silence.

I’m not really sure which direction to take this blog – should I try get back into a ‘this is my life blog’? Should I rant about feminism and other form of discrimination? Should I post pictures of kittens?


5 thoughts on “Identity Crisis

  1. I had the same problem and opted for the two blog system, but that’s problematic two, because what I think *is* part of who I am… I guess I separated them in the end because I want one I can stick in my CV and another where I can say FUCK SHITTY FUCKING FUCK as much as I want. 😛

  2. less ranting about feminism, more kittens!

    No seriously, just write about your life, your feelings and thoughts on life, the universe and everything. Tell us why you love/hate the olympics. Entertain us with your theory about your neighbours. Tell us WHY working for a teenage magazine is so great. Just write … something.

    Too many blogs die a silent death 😦

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