Sports Women Are Just Pieces of Meat

Again, I find myself browsing News24 and wanting to punch someone in the face. Sure, this wasn’t put together by them, but they promoted on their website and even embedded it there – thereby being complicit in the message. There have been, as far as I know, no male equivalent-videos on the site. I’ve already highlighted this earlier in the month.

This video barely shows shots or images of the women winning, performing or training. Instead it’s a long tribute to underwear shots and nude photoshoots. To Snoop Dogg’s ‘Sweat’ (and there’s no way you can tell me this song isn’t about sex). So once again, sports women are represent not for their achievements or their abilities as athletes. Instead, they’re represented as pieces of meat to be oggled at, nothing more than bodies, pounds of flesh.

My last blog resulted in a debate of Facebook. One of the counter arguments thrown my way for the lack of videos like this about men is that they wouldn’t be appealing. Women wouldn’t be interested and men would be threatened. Which further intrenches the Male View. Women must look at women in a sexualised manner, men however must be protected from seeing men in the same way (because homosexuality is such a horror for them and so wrong to have to experience – a confusing message of a somewhat accepted view of lesbianism, yet an abhorrence of male homosexuality). At the same time, women’s sexuality is denied as we don’t “enjoy that kind of thing”.

It’s this sort of thinking and acceptance of ignoring the PERSON behind the body and instead focussing on the aesthetics of the body that leads to people/men thinking they have the right to hit on a woman in the street, touch her ass, make comments like ‘nice legs baby, when do they open?’, because women’s bodies are public property. Especially if they wear something ‘skimpy’ or ‘revealing’ they’re asking to be looked at. And in a country where gender-based violence is at a massive high, I feel strongly it’s irresponsible of a site like News24 to be complicit in this way of thinking.

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