YOLO … or not

I have a difficulty with this concept of YOLO (You Only Live Once), especially in the context / interpretation above. Life is full enough of its own pressures, difficulties and trials. Now we have to face up to the philosophy of YOLO. Of ‘living your life right’, of ‘never having regrets’, of ‘living life to it’s fullest possible meaning at all times’.

Maybe it’s just me and my anti-social, stay at home nature, but YOLO and FOMO (fear of missing out) have taken hold of us. What if we are not at that party when that guy finally walks in? Or if we don’t go on that hike on that sunny winter’s day? Or we don’t eat at the latest burger bar?We’ve missed out. We haven’t lived life to the fullest. We’re failing at life. We aren’t having the fabulous life we all deserve and ‘have a right too’.

Don’t get me wrong, I think leaping out of your comfort zone every so often is good. Trying new things. Letting go of mistakes. Working on the journey of happiness – these are all worthy and true paths. But this obsession with ‘YOLO’ and having to make something of our lives – having to be on this list or get that accolade – to have ‘done life right’ is just ridiculous.

(image: weheartit.com)

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