The Week That Was

I was a bit slack on this last week. Blame it on fatigue. Stress. Business. Laziness. So I’m going to kind do a double dose. Well, maybe. Let’s see what I can remember from the last two weeks and hopefully I’ll make it to seven!

1. The BF’s Birthday
Saturday was The BF’s birthday. I took him for brekkie at the bistro near where I live before and then later we chilled at his flat with his friends, had some drinks and played Soul Calibre 5,  I made new friends and it was an awesome time for all. Peaceful, merry, awesomeness.

2. Work Changes
On Friday, our entertainment ed announced she’s moving on. It’s an awesome opportunity for her but quite sad for the team. We’re close here and losing anyone is always bittersweet. Happy, happy Zee. We’re going to miss you LOADS.

3. Train Rides with the Ex
Saw my ex again on the train. It was a shit day of stress and drama, but surprisingly, as much as it was weirdly awkward. It wasn’t that bad. Again, just more proof that no matter how bad the hurt – it can heal.

Nope. That’s it. Brain fried.


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