The Week That Was

A short week followed by a weekend of merriment, joy, laughter and happiness. Hopefully this time around I’ll actually be able to make seven things. Here we go!

1. Banana Jam
On Friday, which was Freedom Day here in  SA, a bunch of my friends met up at Banana Jam to welcome back a friend who’s been away for a year. There were drinks, food and general chitchat of happiness. I love weekday lunches with friends!

2. Tarryn’s Birthday

Friday evening was the birthday of Miss Tarryn aka Tatti. We got there awesomely early, of course, because that’s pretty much just how I roll. There was a braai, wine and delish cupcakes (red velvet, chocolate/coffee and rose/turkish delight). Mmmmm. Happiness in my tummy.

3. Kirsten’s Wedding
Despite the cold, windy weather – The BF and I headed through to Constantia for the wedding of one of his friends on Saturday. It was just gorgeous. DIY decor, rosettes for table placements (penguin table FTW), blankets to wrap up in and animal-faced brollies in case of the rain. It was small and simple, the bride and her bridesmaids even wore wellies for their official pics! A beautiful wedding and once again felt all gooey after the wedding.

4. Saw The Avengers in 3D
Chilly Sundays make for perfect movie weather. I went to see The Avengers with The BF. I really enjoyed it – Robert Downey Jnr in particular had some awesome lines. I didn’t really see the point of it being in 3D – they didn’t use it to it’s full potential in the fight scenes or action sequences, but none the less it was thoroughly enjoyable brain candy.

5. Team Beauty Sale
Working in magazines is fun – every few months our Beauty Ed cleans out her closet and we have a sale of all the devine goodies she’s received. Everything’s sold super cheap, so you get the most amazing deals on classy products. SO MUCH OF STUFF.

6. Train Delays of EPICNESS
Thursday saw Cape Town bare the the brunt of an unusual (and day-long) thunderstorm. Several points on the railway apparently got struck which meant the most EPIC delays on trains. Luckily for me, I could get my father to fetch me from the station. Otherwise who KNOWS what time I would have gotten home.

7. Realised (really realised) that I am Cat Lady without the cats
Damn my complex’s rules!

One thought on “The Week That Was

  1. YAY for birthdays! Also, I too went to see the Avengers on Sunday, and totally agree with you on the whole full utilization point. Totally.

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