The Week That Was

A day late. Oops! But with some badgering from The Boyfriend, I’m back and posting. Writing’s a muscle after all, have to flex it to get it to work.

1. Went Back To Work
Kinda cheating, but I went back to work after a glorious week of leave. Find out about what I got up to by reading last week’s post.

2. Saw My Grandmother Off
Spent Tuesday night with my parents, to see my Gran off. She was down for a few weeks while my Aunts were busy with doing the Two Oceans and general seeing of Cape Town. Small dinner with the fam, it was nice to see her and spend some quality time.

3. Saw The Hunger Games
I really loved this series of books, so I was quite excited for the movie. I saw it with Tarryn, my fellow watcher of young adult/teen shows and lover of YA. I won’t do a detailed review – there’s a million out there if that’s what you want. I really enjoyed it as an adaptation – it was shocking, brutal and raw. They missed out on a lot of the complexity around Katniss and Peeta as well as their relationship, but overall I think it was pretty brilliant.

4. Started Tomb Raider
The BF gave me Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition as a gift a while back (he’s trying to turn me into a gamer with some success). Not that far yet, finding the controls difficult to master, but we shall see! It’s fun to come home and engage my brain a bit, jumping around and trying to figure things out.

5. Saw Sherlock Homes: A Game of Shadows
Saturday night movie night! Snuggled up with The BF and watched this fun romp of a film. Didn’t love it as much as I loved the first one, but the second film did also have its moments.

6. Family Time
Saw more of my parents last week than I usually do. Which was awesome. Free food! Yay. 😉

I really can’t think of a seven. Ouch.

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