New Issue: May seventeen

Yesterday marked the first day of sales for our May edition. I’m like an annoying mother, I’m proud of every issue and believe that each of them is fantastic, amazing and gorgeous. May baby is no different.  We’ve got JLaw of The Hunger Games fame on the cover, fantastical circus-inspired fashion and gorge beauty trends. 

This month I wrote the following:

Curb the Urge: Want to snap at your bestie? Or maybe chop of your locks. I’ve got the tricks and tips to stopping those crazy urges in their tracks – now!
Three Months to Live: I spoke to Samantha, 23, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at just 16 years old. From devastating disease to remission – she bares all.
10 Reasons You Always Need Your Mom: The top ten reasons why Mum is always the word.
Up In Smoke: An in-depth feature on the dangers of smoking Hubbly Bubbly.

It’s quite a bit as as usual, I’m proud of all my pieces. Plus it comes with a free eyeliner.

Ok, that the work promo for the month done.

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