The Week That Was

The Holiday Edition! Yep, y’all, I’m back after a week of leave. Technically, fine, I was back yesterday but whatevs. Girl had work to do. Excellent leave was had – and now I’m ready for another week of work, work, work!

1. Saw Margaret
A really bizarre indie film. A seventeen-year-old girl (Anna Paquin) contributes to the death of a woman in a tragic traffic accident. The film centres on her trying to come to terms with her role, the death and the reactions of others. It was pretty mediocre. But popcorn, coke and a movie in the middle of a Tuesday is rad!

2. Went to (another) bachelorette
This time it was for The BF’s friend – we’re going to her wedding in about two weeks time. It was really nice to have a party with all her friends – guys and girls. We went to The Orphanage, a small cocktail/tapas bar at the top of Bree street. Check it out! Very awesome selection of cocktails and snacks.

3. Warmed a House
The night after the bachelorette, The BF and I headed to Vredehoek for one of my friend’s housewarming party. Lovely faces were seen, drinks were had and the night was enjoyed.

4. Finished Skyrim
The ending was kinda disappointing if you ask me. Hrmph.

5. Started Notes on a Scandal
This was given to me by Laurie for my birthday and I’m just getting into it now. You might remember the movie adaptation from a while back. So far it’s an excellent read, addictive and full of undercurrents of subtle malice and manipulation. Thanks Miss Pie!

6. Saw a Lot of my Grandmother
She’s down from Zim, so spent a good deal of my evenings visiting with her and my parents. It’s good to see her.

7. Visited The BF for Lunch
Took a drive out to Bergvliet to visit The BF and get a tour of his work before a work-day-lunch was had. Radness!

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One thought on “The Week That Was

  1. My pleasure dear! 😀 The undercurrents in that book… yoh! It’s so carefully written and so subtly twisted. I thought a fellow writer such as yourself might appreciate it. 😀 Glad you had a good leave! :):)

    That cat with glasses makes me smile. 😛

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