The Week That Was

This week ended off with something beautiful, but more on that, after the jump.

1. Interns
I had a job shadow girl this week. Usually I get a little skeptical about what can be done in a day, but I was delighted, amazed and surprised by the girl who came in. She reminded me of why I love having girls come in to job shadow – the bright, enthusiastic adoration for writing. It was a total pleasure and inspired me to start taking on more girls.

2. Had My Bi-Annual Job Review
And it went really well 🙂 I wasn’t expecting it to go badly, I work hard. But all the same, it’s nice to sit back and assess yourself with your manager – see what areas can still be built on and what’s been achieved so far. Happy days.

3. Made Risotto
Well, baked risotto! Another recipe adventure goes by successfully. It was Mushroom Baked Risotto – sooooo good! With parmesan cheese mixed into it. Makes me hungry just thinking of it.

4. New Series: Revenge
Ok, so it’s not NEW new, but new to me. It follows one girl, Emily, as she seeks revenge on the upper circles who destroyed her father and her family. I love how ruthless and bitchy she is in getting her revenge on those she’s after. Emily vanCamp is amazing in the role.

5. New Book: Texas Gothic
My friends Tarryn gave me this delightful piece of YA for my birthday. It’s all about witches in Texas. The opening line that totally caught me? “The goat was in the tree again.” How CAN you resist that?

6. Survived an Evening
…I didn’t think I would.

7. Saw a Friend Get Married
Radiantly, beautifully and magically. Was such a joy to celebrate Tali’s wedding with her after her bachelorette last weekend and her engagement party last year. A truly magnificent woman who is married to an equally wonderful man. It was a night of such love, joy and happiness that was sadly cut short by my duty to be at work early today. But I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and cannot possibly express how much happiness I wish these two. Mazel tov.

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2 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. awesome note about Tali and Seans wedding! I felt like it was a night that really celebrated their love! was nice seeing you there Jess have a good week 🙂

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