Childhood Idols

Recently a friend Tweeted me about Whoopi Goldberg appearing in Glee soon and I am soooo amped. I was addicted to Sister Act as a kid a well as The Lion King. It got me thinking about my other childhood heroes, so this blog is dedicated to the musos who made my heart skip a beat. It’s kinda embarrassing, but why have a blog if I don’t lay it all out there?

Let’s go with the worst first. Get the shame out of the way.

Yes. I was a rabid fan. I was going to marry the man, wife be damned. He rocked my pre-preteen world and I owned probably every CD he ever made. It may have been the hair. It may have been the saxophone, whatever it was, we’ll never know. It made me amped to see him in Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night’. He’s still out there, although we’ll never be together.

This was my JAM. Ok, I only realised later what it actually meant. But I was soooooo in love with the chorus. I’d dance around the lounge to this song up loud. Rock it.


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