The Week That Was

Wow, it feels like this last week has been a total whirlwind of doing things and seeing people. It was good though. I’ve also taken some time to take a breath (a small one) and change the focus of my mind. We’ll see how and where that goes.

1. Took Myself to a Movie
Wednesday was a public holiday, so I took myself to see something. It was between Hugo and The Iron Lady, I eventually chose the latter as Hugo was in 3D and thus more expensive. And it was just before pay day, so I was feeling poor. But I really enjoyed it. Although it didn’t go into a lot of detail about her life or rise to power, what it did do was paint a picture of Margret Thatcher as a person, who she was and what she was like. Thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the two old ladies chatting away next to me.

2. Bought The Sims 3
Having nearly finished Skyrim, I decided to take my roleplaying life back into my own hands and bought The Sims 3 to toy with virtual humans. Yay me.

3. Bachelorette Fun
It was Tali’s bachelorette on Saturday, organised by her sister Orli. It was a night of girly drinks, pink, awesome food and loads of laughs. It was my first bachelorette and I loved it. It was such a special thing to celebrate the coming wedding of my friend with her and all her friends. An amazing night with amazing people, definitely once in a lifetime.

4. Saw an Old Colleague
I went to Mugg and Bean with Kerry, my old coworker. Old as in she used to work with me, not old as in an ancient biddy. It was awesome to catch up and chat. I really miss her sunny face and positive attitude in the office. Things just aren’t the same without her.

5. Learnt to Play XBox
At The Boyfriend’s on Sunday morning, he taught me how to play Lego Batman and I only died a few times. BUT IT WAS FUN. Yay gaming.

6. Went on a Shoot
Took a looooooooong walk to see the 17 Guy Panel Shoot. They were shooting in town under the bridge, but took us an age to find the actual bridge. But it was worth it! We chose a good-looking panel this year and it was rad to traipse the city with my coworkers.

7. Received AMAZING Feedback
So far the feedback on our April issue has been Ah-mazing. It’s the best feeling to know you’ve really made your readers happy and created an issue that they thoroughly enjoyed. Go team.


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