Touch Awesomeness

Cause I’m really slow, it took me a whole week to cotton onto the fact that the rad giftcard from BlackBerry was part of a promo. Here I was thinking it was all nice and sweet for my birthday. But today I got an OPI nailpolish – fab! And I finally checked out the website.

So! Basically there are ten weeks and ten tasks. Each week, if you complete the task, you stand a chance of winning a BB Curve 9380 (my intern is currently trying it out!) and after the ten weeks you could win an Audi. I love my leetle Corsa, but being the soul I am, an Audi wouldn’t be too bad either. You know. Weekend car and all.

I don’t think I’ll do the first task, it means singing and that AIN’T going to happen where my only net connection is *cough*work*cough*. But click here to vote for my fab fingers taking a ride on le vespa.

Super excited to see what the following weeks bring. The Awesometer? How can I not win that?

And no, this aint a sponsored post – I’m just insanely impressed with this campaign and their dedication to making it fun!

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