The Week That Was

Just past the middle of March. Feels like this year is beginning to pick up speed. But that may be because I’m currently planning midyear issues so my soul feels like it’s there already. Confusing times. It’s been a birthday week for me, so here we go!

1. Made Macaroni
Ok, so I cheated a little and used a packet sauce. But yeah. It counts! Didn’t take nearly as long to cook as I thought it would which resulted in crunchy pasta pieces, but hey! It’s a start of yumness.

2. Saw A Good Friend
I was lucky enough to get to see my JHB Bestie while she was down with The Fiance. We went to Brass Bell for dinners. Was so glad that The Boyfriend got to meet The Bestie and TF, it was an awesome evening of never-ending conversation, good food and happy times. Also involved: porcupine!

3. Turned 25
Had a surprise visit by The Boyfriend in the morning delivering a gift and a yummy family dinner. How to know you’re grown up: you get practical kitchenware – and you’re excited. I had a really great time, despite some initial birthday blues.

4. Familio Tea
Sunday was tea time with The Parents, The Boyfriend, The Sister and Her BF. Was good times with pecan nut pie and melktert. Yumsters!

5. Harness Cat
While wandering the grounds of my flat, I saw a lady come out of one of the other blocks with a full-grown cat. On a harness. This idea has filled me with so much want it’s crazy. I can’t wait to be in block that allows pets. The desire to have a cat in my life is getting unspeakably large.

6. Felt Lonely
For the most part, I’ve loved living alone. But for whatever reason, I’ve felt the Living Alone Blues this week. It’s not always easy, sometime I want to come home to a friendly face and kitchen gossip. I miss The Ex Housemate and dinner time tales, as well as just knowing there’s someone else home. Maybe when I can get a cat this will also help.

7. Felt Proud
My dad won an award for Best Lighting Design at the Fleur du Cap Awards last night. Go daddio. It was an amazing play – Solomon & Marion – so I’m glad it also won for Best New Play.


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