Happy Birthday, Self

Whoop, I turn 25 today. So far I’ve been spoilt by lovely messages from friends, a surprise visit from The Boyfriend and hugs from the office. I’m usually not one for my own birthdays – being the centre of attention makes me nervous and awkward, I’m a crowd not a leader! But this year I am trying to bask in the love and not get freaked out and find a pot plant to hide behind.

So, 25. I’m meant to have a “quater life crisis” or get freaked out that I’m entering the “wrong side of my 20s”, but honestly, I’m not. Getting older makes me feel more validated. I think it’s because I work in quite a senior position at quite a young age – so getting older makes me feel like I’ve ‘earned’ my place more or that I’ll be taken more seriously. I’ve enjoyed my younger years, of course, but I’m happy to be where I am. The age. The responsibility. The respect. It feels…good.

I don’t have goals for the year. My Five Year Plan is going quite well so far. I wrote down towards the end of last year when I hit a radical rough patch, so it’s not something you’ll find on this blog. But I don’t have any goals for the year apart from continuing to work like a fiend, love all those in my life and do my best to be the best me I can be.

My gift to myself this year? Loving myself more. I’m a tough critic when it comes to me, so I promise to ease up on myself – even if it’s just a little – for this year.

(image: weheartit.com)

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