Brass Bell and Porcupines

I went to dinner last night with The Boyfriend as well as Clara and Her Fiance in Kalk Bay. I’ve known Miss Clara since we were tots on blankets without the ability to sit up or make words, so we’ve got a damn special friendship. She lives in Jozi so it was awesome to have a chance to see her and The Fiance, eat yummy food and just talk. Happiness was I – the whole evening went off without a hitch! Well, until we went home.

On Brass Bell, we went to The Water’s Edge and had a table right at the back next to the sea. Was worried I’d get drenched so The Boyfriend acted as a water shield. But in wasn’t needed as the waves crashed merrily by but not ON us. I had the yummiest meal – fish and chips. The portion was MASSIVE. And the price super reasonable. Everyone else’s meals were equally as large and just as yummy – total score. I haven’t been to that part before, usually I just go to The Bikini Deck. But I’m def returning!

On the way home, we were driving on Boye’s Drive when suddenly a wild porcupine appeared! I though it was some sort of bird at first – the ruffled quills looked like plumage. Eventually I identified it as what it was. Luckily it scurried out of the road before I hit it (or the car behind me hit me for slowing down so fast). But only in Cape Town would such bizarreness happen.

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