I’m having one of those tetchy days. It’s a hangover of sadness from relooking at emails from ex friends yesterday. Cause, you know, I enjoy torturing myself and stuff. So, in order to maybe feel better the rest of this entry is going to be whining about other people whining, about not having enough to whine about and well, anything else whiney that crosses my mind. Excite bike.

  1. Whining about MetroRail is a pointless pastime. There will always be delays. There will always be cancellations. The carriages will be too full and some old dude will spend the entire train ride staring at you. But really, it’s a damn lot better (and cheaper) than sitting in traffic for hours to get to work. Quit whining on Twitter via your BlackBerries. Gosh darn.
  2. This cold that won’t go away is getting on my nerves. Nothing makes me grouchier than having a sore throat. I can handle any other kind of sickness with some kind of dignity, but an achey throat is the pits.
  3. So very bored we’re either madly rushing through work or tumbling along like a drunken snail stuck in quicksand. Today, it’s the latter.  I could be crazy and go ahead and plan july/august but then I’ll be damn bored at the end of this week the beginning of next. Oh, my employment woes.

That’s it, actually. Anything else borders on the moping, beaten-this-dead horse saga. So well. I won’t. I’ll suck a cough sweet, shut up and go back to staring at Twitter.

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