Train Rides and Judgements

I wrote about this at the beginning of the year, but I’ve been practicing being non-judgemental. Which is actually harder than it seems, at least for me. It’s really easy to assume things based on someone’s facial expression, a certain way they look at you or a hint of a tone. Mostly I’ve been putting this to work in my daily life during my train rides.

Metrorail is an interesting creature. Apart from failing to get you to your destination on time almost every time, carriages are filled with all kinds of people. Young, old, black, coloured, white, happy, sad, stressed…it’s a rather motley crew of people all trying to avoid making contact with one another.

But you catch some lady staring at you, it’s simple to assume that her sour expression has something to do with you – your hair, clothes, shoes. Well, for me anyway. Granted, I’m slightly over defensive and parries. But as soon as you feel lik someone’s judging you, it’s easy to go on the offense and start judging them. What’s hard – is to stop the assumption that they’re criticising you. Even harder, if they are, to let it go. Just because someone’s judging you doesn’t mean you have to judge them back.

One of my favourite vloggers, Jenna Marbles, did a piece on this not so long ago, especially focussing on girls vs girls judgements. Well kinda. More on why girls hate each other, but shh.

I’m not there yet. I still judge the grumpy old man, the indie looking girl without her shoes, the old lady with an over-friendly smile. But I’m practicing. And not judging, I believe, ultimately will lead to me being happier with me.


2 thoughts on “Train Rides and Judgements

  1. Girls are so judgemental, its CRAZY!

    As they say, haters gonna hate. I try to go about my life not really caring or judging others, but I probably judge them anyway. I love when someone breaks those preconceived notions or judgments and happens to be something or say something that you really didn’t see coming!

    She’s right though, less time spent judging other people will afford more time to be happy with oneself

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