The Week That Was

I’m not in a great mood today. So let’s just jump straight into this.

1. Maynardville / Community Chest
I went to the Maynardville Community Chest Carnival with The Boyfriend. Bought awesome books, had yummy food and generally chilled out. And got sunburnt. Like woah.

2. Started reading Crossed
I reviewed Matched already. Crossed is the second book in the trilogy. I’m enjoying it so far, though I’m still not totally convinced of the character pairings. It’s getting a little bit more exciting than book one. Well, because stuff is actually happening now.

3. Saw Tarryn
Friday night I headed over to see Tarryn, drink wine and snuggle with the awesomeness that is Mimo, her fluffy Siamese. An evening well spent.

4. Got My Hair Did
I tried out a new hairdresser, Moments in Time, and I’m super happy with the results. My hair looks awesome, bouncy and full of shape. Plus, they were really cheap (for a girl’s haircut, I should clarify).

5. Missed Taking Pictures
I blogged about it on Friday, but I’ve really begun to miss doing creative things like taking photographs, sketching and the like. I even began to do more work in my Wreck This Journal that I got last year.

6. Saw the Parents
Thai food and American Idol. Just the way to catch up with le familia (sans The Sister).

7. Got MetroFailed
On Wedneday I got stuck on a train from just after 5:20 to 6ish. Train fail of note! Luckily The BF was meant to be visiting me that day so he waited at my station for me to walk me home in case of, you know, death.


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