Your Animal Self


I know what you’re thinking: she’s a crazy lady so DUH, she sees her animal self as a cat. Alas not. I wish I were a cat. Aloof, arrogant, independent, self-righteous, confident, sassy – basically awesome and fully believing in my own awesomness as ruler of the world. But I’m not that. Not even close.

I am, in fact, a Chiuaua. Need, annoying and overly neurotic. Let me break it down for you.

  1. I believe that I’m bigger, stronger and fiercer than I really am. Ask The Boyfriend. I still try prove I can beat him in an arm wrestling match. I am the biggest and the best. Fact, Alsatian-face.
  2. I’m all bark and no bite. I make a hell of a ruckus when I’m upset, but when it comes down to it, do I actually do anything? Do I act on my wild plans of revenge and snarky comebacks? No, mostly I run away in fear. Or cower to the will of another.
  3. I can’t let go. I get attached to issues, people and things like a chiuaua with a squeaky toy and when this happens, hell no I won’t let go. Not til that squeaky toy is well and truly slobbered on and chewed through and I am certain that I cannot chew it anymore (mostly because there’s nothing left to chew on). Maybe it’s stubbornness. Maybe insanity. Maybe thoroughness. But probably insanity.
  4. I’m neurotic as hell. Totally overly nervous and anxious. I even whine when I’m nervous. I sometimes even paw things. Really.
  5. I’m easily frightened. I guess it goes with the above, but seriously – clap next to me and I’ll jump out of my skin.

What’s your animal self? Are you an all out crazy party iguana? Maybe you’re a laid back tortoise. Even better, who’s your animal inspiration?

4 thoughts on “Your Animal Self

  1. “I’m going to choose the critical capybara as my animal self” . . . I didnt know Capybara’s were so critical O_O. Im going to be boring and say a malnourished old Labrador . I’ll always be glad to see you, times when i try to be sneaky, I feel bad, I am hella loyal, and will defend you to the death (probably…perhaps defend you to the point in which the pain makes me reavaluate the situation :P) way too easily distracted (squirrel!!) and will lick your face when you’re feeling sad 😀

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