During my usual train-ride-home-stare-into-the-distance-daze, I’ve been thinking about temptations lately. Not temptations like cheating, stuffing my face full of chocolate or something saucily illegal, but just these little responses that my brain wants to do but knows better. You know?

Like when spelling my surname – which I do all the time – the combination of Ms and Ns usually ends up being something like: “M for mother, N for Nancy”. Secretly? I’m dying to spelt it: “M for masochism, N for nihilism”. Or something equally extreme and off the wall. But I don’t think that’d be quite socially acceptable.

Another one: trying to see if any of my neighbours leave their doors unlocked. Why? Because I am a stalker and a creep. And I like to see into other people’s lives, even if just for a moment. Plus, I’m sure my apartment is the best. I just want to prove it.

What are your temptations – socially acceptable, awkward or down right bizarre are encouraged here.

2 thoughts on “Temptations

  1. I live in an apartment complex where the balconies of our side look DIRECTLY into the huge double door windows of the flats opposite. I totally love standing on my balcony and just watching other people live in their houses. It’s so fascinating! Better than TV. And also really creepy. I know.

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