The Week That Was

Would have forgotten this if it were not for a friend’s week report back. It’s been a pretty strange week, emotionally at least. Then came the weekend of chilled out bliss. Afternoon naps and gorgeous conversation. I am happy. Let’s roll.

1. Goodbyes
Said goodbye to two colleagues last week. One is with us til end of March but she probably won’t come back down from Jozi before then. Then it was also goodbye to our fashion assistant. It’s pretty hard saying goodbye to people in our team. We’re zany, we’re close, we’re friends.

2. Coffee Date
I saw the fabulous Lines of Escape for coffee on Friday. It was a quick cuppa during our lunch break, but seeing a friend during the work week is always such a treat.

3. Saw Safe House
Reviewed it here. There’s something to be said for movie dates – popcorn, coke and holding hands (d’awwww). But it was something different and I had a super time with The Boyfriend.

4. Had a pretty amazing intern
Jess was only with us for a week, but there’s something about having a young, enthusiastic intern in the office. She’s a matric girl and it was really cool to see her slowly open up to the weird and wonderful ways of the seventeam.

5. Hello Sailor
I went to Hello Sailor in Obs with Texx and the City. There I experience a pickleback, discofries and the yummiest burger I’ve had in years. I love the quaint, vintage-sailor chic vibe. The staff are awesome, the prices amazing and the company was even better.

6. Realised it was my birthday soon
Like, two weeks away. Oops.

7. Cookbook fun
Le BF bought me an awesome cook book and so I decided to get another one from Kalahari. Lookout for my food adventures, coming soon. Inspired, of course, by the wonderful Lines of Escape.


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