Daily Challenge: Day 13

Gosh. I feel all intimidated now. Three confessions of my choosing? That’s a tough ask. Do I go scandalous? Do I go risky? Hm…

1. This isn’t a surprise to anyone who knows me well, but I am petrified of Christmas Beetles. Not afraid, petrified. As in run out of the room screaming kind of afraid. It’s their creepy little legs, their scratchy little feet, their buzzing…yeughh.

2. I have a really strange love for an odd food combination. I blame this on my mother. She ate it when she was pregnant with me. Totally her fault. The combo? Biltong and butter. Salty yum! I also dig to eat lemons with salt (as in whole lemons).

3. Raisins freak me out. They’re like the mumified corpses of grapes.

(image: omundodacii.tumblr.com)

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