The Weeks That Were

So I failed on this last week. My excuse? I was on leave on the Monday. And. Er. Yeah. THE END. Therefore, readers, friends, stalkers – I shall give you a double whammy of ten things I did. Aren’t you just gosh darn excited?

1. Took Leave
Over December I didn’t really get a chance to relax, what with the drama of the end of 2011 and trying to move flat within a matter of weeks. I took a long weekend where I read, watched series in bed, played too much Skyrim and bought things I didn’t need (but wanted).

2. Valentine, my Valentine
Spent the 14th of Feb with The BF. We had a pizza-and-wine picnic on the floor of my flat. Earlier, the day was spent imbibing sugar and carbs with my coworkers. Awesomest Valentines Day in a while.

3. The End of Plumbing Drama
Finally, finally my drama of the washing machine has come to an end. I can now wash clothes in my own flat with my merry little singing washing machine. Best.

4. Birthday Dinner
Went to Neighboorhood in town for a friend’s birthday. Had marvelous Mojitos and even better burgers. Got to see my UCT friends, hang out, chat and be silly together. I’m pretty blessed to have these people in my life, so any chance to see them is a good day.

5. Splurge Shopping
Working near Mr Price in town is bad for my wallet. I ended up going on a splurge session during my lunch hour. My excuse? They’re all cold-weather tops and it’s almost winter. For reals.

7. Braai Day
I went to a braai with The BF and met a new circle of his friends. Was pretty rad to get to see him in a different setting and to meet other important people in his life. The food was good, the drinks were cold and the afternoon delightfully warm. Apart from my sleep deprivation, it was most happiness.

8. Read a book in a Week
I read Matched in a week. And LOVED it. It’s all about the trilogies in YA these days, but it was a pretty damn good one I must say. I’ve already reviewed it so I won’t say more than that. Just go look. It be rad.

9. Interviewed Interns
Had several interviews with young, perky girls. And by young I mean basically my age. It was great to see so many enthusiastic girls, but sad to know how tight times are across the industry given the recession. There’s so much talent and potential and so little opportunity.

10. Got a Cookbook
Le BF bought me a SA cookbook for Valentines Day, which inspired me to buy another. Coming up soon: meals that aren’t pasta/rice/couscous based! Hells to the yeah.


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