Daily Challenge: Day 9

Image = Truth. Today I’m challenged (HAH!) to talk about three of my pet peeves. Three? THREE? Give me a number I can work with. Like 20. Or maybe even 100 if you’re feeling generous. I kid, I kid. Kinda. Here we go!

1. Interns / job applicants not understanding how important a cover letter is. For reals. I’d argue that it’s way more important than your CV. A cover letter tells me who you are, why you are perfect for this job, this company, so getting a general, unspecific cover letter is nothing but annoying and frustrating. How am I meant to know if you’re what I’m looking for if you talk in general terms of having “the required skills” and wanting to work at “my dynamic organisation”? Put in the effort to personalise EVERY cover letter. It will work wonders.

2. My phone’s love of not receiving phone calls, even when it’s right next to me with full signal. Getting that SMS of ‘you have missed a call’ is nothing more than a WTF moment.

3. Running out of black pens. Don’t ask me why, but I just can’t stomach writing in blue for more than a few hours.

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