To All The Young Girls

I try to avoid the obvious Feminist BA Grad rant as  often as I can, but, well. Tough.

I get really, really annoyed by things like this. Implicit in this is, if you’re a girl having sex you’re a slut. But the guys aren’t. By telling girls to not open their legs or blow guys, there’s a judgement in this. A few days ago another Twitter friend posted about who are better drivers: men or women? And then there’s the new Gauteng bill to ban alcohol sales to pregnant women. Implicit in that is the idea that pregnant women are not capable of making rational decisions with regards to the purchasing of alcohol – the state must baby them and tell them how to live their lives. Not to mention the impracticalities of such a bill – how would you know if someone is pregnant etc?

We’re a country that’s up in arms at every racist slur and gesture, but when it comes to gender, discrimination is so deeply entrenched. And it’s not just against women. Over lunch a few days ago a colleague remarked how all men over about 19 should drive – no exceptions. That it was ok for women to not be able to drive but it was not ok for men. Because they were men.

I’m so tired of this men vs. women, who’s better bullshit. I know this rant is waffly and unconcise, but it’s just grating my nerves who easily my generation will buy into gender discrimination and supposed roles when they’ll be up in arms over cases of racism within seconds.


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