Daily Challenge: Day 6

“The band/musician most important to me.” In has to go to Bob Dylan. As much I love (love) other bands such as Queen, Matchbox20, The  Prodigy and Placebo, it’s Dylan who’s had the greatest influence on my life.

I’d heard Dylan throughout my childhood – my parents are massive fans, my mom in particular. But I started really getting into him around Matric. I’d take my cassette player to school and listen to old tapes while I worked. My teacher’s thought I was some throwback from another era. But I knew inspiration when I found it. More than that, I knew love.

Many of his songs have stuck with me, from ‘Dirge’ and ‘Tough Mama’ to ‘Don’t Fall Apart on Me’ and ‘Lonesome Blues’. I don’t think I’ve heard a Dylan track that I haven’t loved. And he hardly ever sings the same track in the same way more than once. And he really doesn’t give a damn about what his fans think. The man is a legend.

Below is one of the songs that still moves me, everytime I hear it. Excuse the horrid quality, but you’ll get the idea.

(image: nme.com)

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