The Week That Was

Another week gone. Time to catch up on the wonderous things I’ve done in the past seven days. These are never chronological, more just the order my brain finds suitable.

1. Leila’s Birthday
Saw a friend for her birthday, a girl’s night at Rick’s Cafe in Park Street. I’m trying to save money, and Feb/March are busy birthday months, so I just enjoyed a glass of wine. Was great to hang out with my varsity girls and catch up on the gossip. One friend was missing from this circle, which is a sad event. We’re worried, but are at a loss for what to do.

2. Plumber Drama: Continued
I finally got a plumber in to take a look at my water pressure seeing I can’t use my new machine. He checked it out and told me the pressure was super low. He then moved on to battling the body corporate to get permission to check out the service ducts – and he won (he’s a superman!). He’s back again on Tuesday. Hopefully things will be solved!

3. Went to Muizenberg
On Saturday I took a train through to Muzies with The Boyfriend. We lazed in the sun, bought hot chips and had ice-cream. Wonderous and lovely! Except for the part where I got sunburnt in odd places and got heatstroke. Seems my glowworm living has resulted in me losing my ability to stay in the sun for any extended period of time. You know, like two hours.

4. The Hunt for the Intern
Finally went through my CVs and narrowed down my list to six interviewees. Five this week and one next week. A good intern is hard to find, but I’m hopeful that one of these girls has what it takes to impress and be a part of the team.

5. Train Ride with the Ex
Ok, so part of this story happened today so it should wait til next week but whatevs. Last week, after waiting for the plumber I took a later train that usual and as I was sitting, staring ahead of me I saw this guy. And I was all “Hm, his side of face looks familiar. That hair is smilar. Them arms too. Hrm….” And then I realised it was my ex. When he got off at his stop, just before mine, we did the polite wave – shame, I’m pretty sure I startled him. Today I got on an earlier than usual train and looked up – hi ex! We spent the train ride having slightly awkward small talk. But it was good that after so many years I could see him and, finally, not feel emotionally freaked out for one reason or the other. It was good to speak to him, good to be normal around him. I don’t like having bad vibes with an ex as they’re someone who as incredibly important to you for a certain amount of time. I like that it’s chilled now.

6. Worried About a Friend
The friend I mentioned under my first point is someone I’m quite concerned about. We hit a rough patch last year, but I’ve seen her grow gradually more distant from many who care about her. I’m worried about her. We all are. But none of us know what to do or how to help or if we even can.

7. Worked – Really Hard
We’re almost finished our March issue, my April content is all done and now I’m powering ahead with my May work. Plus we planned in our supplements for the rest of the year and have started the material lists for our second supplement. Go team!


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