Day 3: My Day In Great Detail

So my coworkers have also taken up the 30 Day Challenge. I’ll be linking through to our joint posts as soon as we go live. Cause you know, that’s the kinda thing that we do ’round here. Today’s challenge is going to mindnumbingly boring for most of y’all. So I’ll hide it after the jump and attempt to post something today as well. So it’s not just…well, ramble.

*ahem* I woke up at about 7am this morning, groaned slightly and stared at my blinds until I dragged myself from bed, turned on 5FM and went to wash my face. Washing, cleansing and toning done I set off to the kitchen, a grand ten steps away and put on the kettle for my morning cuppa coffe. I wiped the kitchen counters, put away the errant clothes that were growing on my couch and made my bed. I then spent about ten minutes trying on different things because the only two pairs of jeans that I have that actually fit me are in the wash. I’ve ended up wearing what were once skinnies and are now regular fit and a vest T, my staple outfit. Then, exciting!, I applied concealer and went back to the kitchen to finish making my coffe.

I poured my muesli into a bowl (Jungle Oats Nutsy Crunch) and picked out all the rasins (I really hate raisins). Grabbing my coffee and cereal, I sat at the counter and read a few page of Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood (my favourite author and personal idol) while eating breakfast. Finished, I put everything into the sink, took my vitamins while considering upping my Vitamin C intake given my upcoming deadlines. Hair was next, followed by brushing teeth and gathering everything I needed for work: wallet for coffee money later, leftover dinner from my parents for lunch, a jersey for the freezing office and my keys. Slipped on my slops, walked out the door and locked up my flat. Took the lift down to the ground floor, and headed out across the parking lot and past the guard house. As usual Main Road was bumper to bumper so I was damn glad that I take the trains. Took me the usual 5 minutes to get the the station, dodging cars and pedestrians alike. For once the platform was relatively empty and the train equally so. I stood the whole way through to town as, well, I sit all day so I’m sure my legs could do with the weight bearing.

Got to the stations with adequate time to get to work, headed on up the Absa building as the telltale signs of a horrid wind started showing its face. Chatted to our editorial/production/wonderwoman assistnat D for a while, sat down and started tackling emails. As more people arrived we somehow got talking about the thirty day challenge and we’ve agreed to do it as a team 🙂

Kay. I am bored already. Most of the morning, yeh?


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