Confession: I’m Afraid of Willow Smith

No. Seriously. I am. What’s with this obsession with celeb kids? Suri Cruise, the Jolie-Pitt tribe, Kingston and Zuma Rosdale , the Beckham boys (even their 6-month old sister, Harper, made it onto Vogue’s Best Dressed list recently, wtf). But it’s the Smith kids takeover that freaks me out. First we had Jaden Smith cute-ing up the place alongside his dad in The Pursuit of Happiness as well as the remake of The Karate Kid. Not too bad, right? Lil’ guy could pull some heartstrings. But it wasn’t long before lil’ sis Willow had to get in on the star-attraction.

Willow’s debut song, ‘Whip My Hair’, was released in 2010. When she was nine, people, nine. She went on to release two new singles in the past year: ’21st Century Girl’ and ‘Fireball’. What creeps me out, apart from the fact that her parents are letting her enter the fame game at such a frighteningly young age, are the lyrics of her songs. For example, from ’21st Century Girl’ we get:

Give me an inch
I promise I’ll take a mile
Danger is beauty
I’ll face it with a smile

I’m on a mission
With no restrictions
Don’t second guess myself
I’m born to be wild
21st Century Girl
I’m taking you for a ride
21st Century Girl
Yeah, I’m gonna live it up up
Just live it up up

And then in her latest single to hit radios, ‘Fireball’ featuring Miss Nicki Minaj, we get:

Now Imma burn it up, when I step on the scene
My all crew is fresh, and they rolling with me
You can tear me up yep to the extreme
Imma rock the rock til they follow with me
I’m the fireball, I’m the fireball, I’m the fire

Is it just me, or do many of these lines have an almost sexual undertone to them? “Taking you for a ride” – she’s ten. How is this in anyway innocent? And what kind of 10 year olds “tear it up” at parties? When I was ten a good birthday party was a sleep over and sugar high. I don’t mean to sound stuck up and old, but her songs and videos have a very definite older market in mind – they’d be able to relate to these lyrics in a way that girls her own really wouldn’t. Her backup dancers are all at least twice her age (hence they keep them out of focus) and Willow herself is jiving some pretty sexy moves there. There’s nothing overt, I’ll give you that, but it’s the undertones that disturb me.

I also get the feeling that the reason she got a contract was her surname, not her innate talent. The autotune on these tracks is killer. She’s a beautiful girl, no doubt, but with all the cautionary tales of child stardom out there (Olsen twins, Lindsey Lohan, Drew Barrymore), what parent in their right minds would allow their severely underage daughter to become a celeb at all(when they themselves have seen how bad it can get)?

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