Day 2: Likes and Dislikes

Yesterday I said I’d start the 30 Day Challenge. Today I almost fell of the wagon (I lasted a day, ok? That’s pretty damn good going). Anyway, deadlines, articles and production planning will be put on hold for the next 15 minutes while I tell y’all 10 of my Likes and Dislikes. Let’s start negative then get happy. Gonna see how many things I can mention that my friends don’t already know about me.

1.  Nylon, chiffon, polyester. Whoever invented these materials was a sadist.
2. The smell of refried oil. Anyone been past a Frydays? It’s KFC mated with Mc Donalds. On crack.
3. That I wake up with the sun. As soon as it has risen, my cave dwelling brain wakes from it’s slumber in a painful state. The light burns us, precious.
4. Tequila. (y’all know).
5. (it’s really hard to think of things) The sound of apples being bitten into.
6. The sound of brushes/brooms on tar or cement. Especially when the surface is wet.
7. Full body massages – people oiling up my legs and arms freaks me out. Slimy, too much touchingness. Yeugh.
8.  Pigeons/Seagulls/Any bird that flies in front of your face while you’re walking, creating a near head-on collision with the flapping beast.
9. Instant coffee, like Nestle. Too acidic. But I’ll still drink it in a fix. But never Ricoffee. It’s like dirt.
10. Blue cheese.

1. Melting chocolate in a tea spoon with coffee. Then slurping up the melty chocolate-coffee-ness.
2. Burying my face in a kitty cat. Preferably mine. But Tarryn has some pretty awesome fluff monsters.
3. Sitting on Muizenberg beach, eating hot chips or ice-cream, reading a book in the warm afternoon sun. Me time in my city.
4. Alliteration and assonance. I blame it on my job, but it’s become really addictive.
5. Having over R1000 in my account at any given point in the month (going below makes me tetchy. Yes. I should never have moved out of home).
6. Killing things with the first shot in Skyrim. (Been playin’ games!) Oh, and that I finally murdered me some snow trolls last night. Small things, guys, small things.
7. Silly plastic trinkets/toys. I used to have a collection on my car dashboard, but lost them all at some point. Currently my work screen is home to a McDonald’s Happy Meal Cat (pink with glowing eyes) and a strange squeezy toy from KinderJoy.
8. Seeing a girl in the queue ahead of me at a checkout, holding a seventeen.
9. Being in the middle of a really great book.
10. Getting into a cool bed after a hot day.

Likes were way easier.


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