30 Day Trial and Blog Debut

Welcome friends, strangers, Tweeters and other randoms. Today marks the day I introduce my humdrum darling to all the people I know. So WHAT UP, Y’ALL? I’ve jumped on the blogger wagon to attempt to stimulate my writing skills in ways that are not solely aimed at teens (I’ll get back to my abandoned fiction blog later).

I’ll also be beginning this 30 Day Challenge a coworker sent to me. I don’t have internet access on the weekends, so I’ll either post early or late – or maybe just skip the weekends all together and just stick to posting in the week.

Day One: Write Some Basic Things About Yourself

I’m a 24-year-old female of the homosapien species currently working at a teen magazine.
I live in a bachelor flat and have been taking the train to work for the past month as an experiment in efficiency (more on that later).
I like coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night.
I have wonderful friends and a great boyfriend. I moved out of home last year and miss my cat the most (sorry, family).
I’m Pisces with Aries rising, so if you believe in Astrology that makes me both the first and last sign in the cycle, fire and water – so generally, crazy. I’m stubborn, opinionated, argumentative, silly,  often blonde, kind and just generally awesome.
My favourite colour is pink (huzzah).


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