The Week That Was

Work has slowly been picking up, but none the less I’ve managed to keep busy for the last week.

1. Phonecalls
Last Monday, one of my closest friends called me for our regular catchup. She lives in JHB – where I was born, and we met as mere babies in strollers. Twenty-four years on and I still love that girl to bits. It was great to chat with her and find out about her holiday overseas wit her fiance, sister and friend. Her wedding will be later this year and I’m ecstatic to say that I’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid. There are just those people in life who you can pick up with a day later or three months later, and nothing has changed. More than friends, this girl is my sister.

2. Maynardville – A Comedy of Errors
I went to see this year’s Maynardville play with my dad on Friday, A Comedy of Errors. I must say, I wasn’t all that impressed. The strongest performance, without a doubt, came from Rob van Vuuren, who in my view, carried everyone else throughout the play. Which is impossible to keep up, resulting in the play faltering more than it swam. The director’s decision to set it in Asia (a mix of Japan and China, it seems) seems completely…pointless. There was really no good reason for it and more than anything, it didn’t make sense. The actors still referred to European cities and currencies. It was a hundred little inconstancies and slapdash attitudes that weakened the play. It wasn’t the worst bit of cinema I’ve seen, but certainly was not the best Maynardville to happen.

3. I got a washing machine…but have no water pressure.
It seems the plumber woes have jumped ship from Lines of Escape and now rest with me. I eventually got my new machine from Claremont Home Appliances, and after a massive debacle in the delivery process (props to the truck driver and his coworker for their patience and marvelous attitude, serious cons to the shop people who phoned and harassed me), I set up my first load. Only for my machine to merrily tell me in its friendly beeps that the water pressure in my apartment is too low. Now, to source a plumber and see if there is anything that can be done, or if I just wasted R3k on a machine I cannot use.

4. Finished The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Delightful, magical and enchanting, this book had me captivated from cover to cover. It tells the story of two young magicians locked in a battle of talents. The arena? A magnificent circus that appears as quickly and quietly as it disappears. And the relationship they develop. It’s Erin’s debut novel and a magical one indeed. Loved it!

5. Did an inspiring interview
I had the chance to interview an inspiring girl for a forthcoming issue of seventeen. Not only is she bright, bubbly and engaging, but she survived a terrible terminal illness with no bitterness. More on it when it’s on shelf, but she really wowed with her amazing story.

6. Got “flower” from the BF
The BF seems to have gotten to know me well. He bought me potted plant as a gift, so that I’d always have flowers from him. The plant? A cactus. That boy knows it’s the only thing I can (maybe) keep alive. His name’s Brogan, cause cacti need names.

7. Internet Trolling and Drama
I blew my top on Friday with two people who’ve had me blocked on Facebook and every other platform available to them. I’m not entirely proud that I let them get to me, but it was more a case of “Fucking with me is one thing, fucking with my friends is another.” Strange, how many of us will put up with a massive amount of shit and poor behaviour from others, but should our friends get treated like we are, it’s totally not on and we take action. Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate the way I value myself.

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