Internet Fighting

I’ve gotten myself into a little bit of a Facebook dust-up today (ensure llamas). Ironic the level of drama that’s arisen, given the two people who are now instigating it have blocked me (and so, to have seen any of my comments, they’d have to have ‘spied’ on me via friends and family to have seen what I was saying. Flattering, mostly). I say it often, but we never leave high school. Today just proved it again. The two – my ex, who was also my best guy friend, and his gf, who never liked me – could have been handled like the adults they are. Instead it’s devolved into a petty landslide of all my friends being either blocked or defriended. I’ve emailed them, but naturally I’m being ignored (like I am whenever they see me out, gosh guys).

Granted, I kicked up the fuss today and have been testing the lengths to which I could go will silly, petty comments, but why does such silly drama have to even exist in the first place?


5 thoughts on “Internet Fighting

  1. The Drama, THE DRAMA!

    Even though you (and I) did start it, I was amazed by the cascade of llamas that resulted. Truly ridiculous, hilarious and simultaneously tragic.

    Apologies have been made, let’s hope another outbreak of llamas doesn’t happen again!

  2. I am still baffled by the fact that this guy blocked me and then his gf defriended me. Why? Simply because I know Jess? Funny that, since I also studied with said guy for three years and was super friendly to his gf too. People like them make me worry about the maturity of everyone I meet.

    You know, for two people who are so anti-everything, both of these individuals fall right into the mainstream emo stereotypes.

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