Watch It! I’m Famous on the Internet

There’s been some fuss all up on Twitter stream this morning about the banning of one Shaun Oakes from trend-central-name-drop restaurant, Beluga. To read the full story, visit the post on his blog, but what really grates my nerves, apart from hundreds of Tweets, is the attitude of this blogger and his girlfriend, apparently also a blogger. It’s this “I’m better than you because I’m a blogger and people, like, READ me” track that too many of SA’s “finest” bloggers go off on. Yeah. People reading your blog, shaking at the knees.

To quote from his GF’s email to the owner:

What I would like to point out, Oscar, is that both Shaun and I are bloggers/writers, having good friends who are the top bloggers in Cape Town. Shaun works at the biggest internet marketing company. My connection and the respect I have for you and the hard work and passion I know you put into the Caviar Group I reassure you I would never make a public stink out of your restaurants. I just would like you to be aware that something like this did happen and hopefully you could put a stop to something like this happening in the future. And if this is indeed the waiter’s sense of humour, maybe it will go down well at some pub in Brackenveld but educated young professionals in Seapoint go out to have a pleasant experience.

Now I get that they had a crappy experience with someone who seems to be either a shoddy waiter or just a waiter having a bad day. The fact is, the manager comped the meal, changed their waiter and apologised, the need for an email about the situation at all is beyond unnecessary. But then that last paragraph is total playground crap. Maybe she didn’t mean it as a threat, but it sure comes across as “Do you KNOW who I AM?!” Is that what it’s come down to? Pulling rank because you write a blog?!

I experienced shitty attitude from at least one of Cape Town’s “finest” bloggers for purely disagreeing with her post and her commentary. I told her I thought she was missing the point and she blasted me in an entirely childish manner instead of engaging with me and discussing. Bloggers in SA seem to be doing it for the ‘fame’, the notoriety and, basically, the freebies. You know, have the internet, have a domain, therefore I am a blogger with things to say. Mostly, I see people just merrily rewriting press releases for brands. Of course there are a good number of awesome, interesting bloggers who stay away from being PR machines, with thoughtful, intelligent and witty things to say. But many of the “famous” one are no better than Rebecca Black-styled Youtube hits.


2 thoughts on “Watch It! I’m Famous on the Internet

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for writing about this. I have to agree with you on the initial email sent (it does sound terrible and I die a little inside whenever I read it) The intention was noble though, albeit a bit misguided, and I will gladly put up my hand and acknowledge that it should have been better handled.

    If you scratch away the initial veneer of douchiness, my GF and I are quite decent, wholesome people (“salt of the earth” some may even call us) and I can assure you we are not the egotistical narcissists the email might make us appear to be. (well, I am slightly narcissistic, but it’s because I have a great pair of legs)

    Thanks and all the best.

    • Hi Shaun,

      Thanks for responding – I appreciate it and your candor. I’ve followed up on your blogs and all the comments. It’s a tricky thing, and I feel bad for your girlfriend getting all the flack on this. It seems to be a general problem that there’s a lot of arrogance in the South African blogging circles, I see it often on Twitter. It’s like power, give people a little bit of “fame”, and they go crazy with it.

      Thanks and all the best to you too!

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