Farewell Rabbit Year

2011 was the year of the rabbit. My year, in fact, as I was born in 1987 (making me a a fire rabbit). Rabbits tend to be drawn to the creative industries, pack animals instead of leaders, quiet, introverted and, of course, prone to anxiety. As a fire rabbit, we’re meant to be more zesty (lemony?) than other hoppers. Go-getters. Achievers. Live-life-to-the-fullers. We’re also meant to be more prone to pushing our emotions down. 2011 saw the return of Rabbit days. But it’s now 2012, the end of The Rabbit Year, so why the fuss?

When 2011 brought in my Rabbit Year, I had great expectations (it only comes around every 12 years you know!). It was meant to be my year, the year where things would work out, the year I would take the world by storm and shine like a diamond rather than a shard of glass.

But overall, 2011 was a rough, challenging year. I guess more than anything, 2011 was a growing year rather than a calm one. And as much as I bemoaned it, struggled against, crawled through it and cried over it, in the end perhaps it’s better than if it had been an entirely positive one. Of course there were great things that happened – moving out with a friend, many a night out, ending a three year dry-guy-spell and on. But overall I was ecstatic to see the end of the year and now, I can also say farewell to the Rabbit Year and hello to Year of The Dragon, which, hopefully, won’t roast me alive.

(image: diningchicago.com)

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