The Week That Was

I know, it’s weird, I post my weekly roundups on a Monday. But blame it on the lack of internets at my flat. For reals. Here’s a look back on my last week, the things I did and the people I saw.

1. Saw an ex(colleague)
Last year Kerry, a colleague of mine in the digital department, unfortunately lost her job due to restructuring within the company. It was truly awful for her and for all of us because, as I’ve mentioned before, our jobs are truly awesome. I hadn’t seen her over the holidays due to my (not) joyous moving, but I caught up with her at Hudsons in Claremont. Delish pizza, drinks and a fat chat. Was a beautiful evening and a gorgeous chance to see her face.

2. W(h)ined
In what will no doubt become a regular happening, Lines of Escape and I went to Banana Jam in Kenilworth to whine over wine. The drinks were cheap (and good) and the conversation rich (see what I did there?). I’m glad that I’ve reconnected with this lovely lady after we both had a rough whirlwind over the last two-ish years.

3. Bought a washing machine
My new flat came with a washing machine. However, it’s a washing machine that was decidedly against the use of fabric softener and washing power, no matter how much (or little) I put in. It preferred flinging clothing about in hot water for an hour and a half. Then squealing death sounds until things were spun dry. Or, at least, not sopping wet. But now! Come this Saturday, I’ll be the proud owner of a shiny washing machine that seems to have an affinity for playing tunes each time you press a button. Totally my kinda appliance.

4. Heidi Klum and Seal filed for divorce.
Guys, there’s no hope for marriage or love or long-lasting partnerships anymore. My fave couple ever has called it quits after seven years of marriage. I’m devastated. Two of my fave people became my fave couple and now? No more. Sadness.

5. Saw a friend for lunch
My friend Marie, also known as Mree!, was down from Paris visiting her family (she’s originally a Kaapie), so I got the chance to see her for a mid-week coffee. Like the total moron I am, I got the time wrong and thought I’d been stood up. Luckily, I waited around for longer and still got the chance to see her and catch up on the last few years. Perfection.

6. Played Skyrim with the BF
Yes. Like a total nerd I took my laptop over to the boyfriend’s place this weekend and got him to help me out with Skyrim. Apparently I was playing on quite a high difficulty setting while my character was infected and diseased. Here I though those game people were just being bitches when they told me “You don’t look so good.” Right. I really didn’t look swell. Anyway, some help later and I may not entirely suck at this game.

7. Read a ton of magazines
What’s awesome about working in magazines, is that we get a lot of competitor titles in office before they’re on the newsstand. I got to read Cosmo and Cleo cover to cover, all at my desk. I’m still pretty sad that we won’t be seeing Cleo on the shelves anymore, that Feb issue was killer! Hoping all the Cleo staffers have found new paths!


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